Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Static Guard is something I think everyone has in their homes. It works wonders on static cling on clothes.However I find that it is amazing for fur removal off of upholstery , carpets and curtains. It has taken me a long time to find something i love that removes fur that easily. All you do Is spray on area that you need fur removed from wait a minute and vacuum it up. Normally  I would spend along time vacuuming the upholstery now it takes less time. i usually spray before i get the vacuum and that gives it enough time to work . Try it

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I know that I  have not posted a picture with this post. But I am pretty sure all of us have and use dryer sheets. If you are like me you probably use one sheet more than once. I think that doing this saves a little extra money maybe not a sufficient amount but it all adds up right. Anyway I also use dryer sheets for something else. This little tip may help save some money as well.The dryer sheets that you have used ( even if it is more than once ) make great dusting clothes. Just use the dryer sheet as a dust rag. It will pick up dust easily. Also great for cleaning off dusty T.V. screens or computer screens. Saves having to go to the store and spending your money on other dusting cloths . You can throw the dryer sheet out once it does not pick up anymore dust.


Cleaning the inside of a microwave is very easy and not time consuming at all . Just place a bowl of water with or without lemon juice in your microwave ( i use lemon juice because it does  make grease easier to remove and it deodorizes the microwave) Heat the water in the bowl for 3 to 5 minutes in microwave. The water will steam and will loosen baked on particles. Take bowl out and wipe with paper towel or clean cloth and your microwave is clean. Do this while loading dishwasher or washing dishes. You are busy anyways and you will kill 2 chores at one time.


VIM CREAM CLEANER in my opinion is another must have cleaner that every household should have. Now this is not an all natural cleaner and yes there are other alternatives to this cleaner. I will mention some home made alternatives on a future page on this blog.But this really does do an amazing job on what ever it is you are cleaning. Again very versatile and the smell is a pleasant one and not over bearing. Some people complain that it leaves a sandy layer on  things such as bathtubs and sinks sometimes counters. But my solution to that is rinse it away better or you maybe using to much of it.
I have to say that the list I use this on is super long. But I will mention a few things and then you can see why i love it. I USE THIS ON : Glass counter top stoves, Already mentioned sinks, bathtubs, showers , Pots and pans, outdoor lawn furniture, kids toys, walls for scuffs, shoes again for scuffs, counter tops, its just endless.


One of my most favorite cleaning products has to be Murphy oil. It is a very versatile cleaning product. It is best used for wood services. Above cleaning the wood well it also adds much needed moisture to the wood to stop it from eventually cracking. I also find it works amazingly well on laminate .  And I have to admit that the  smell of this product is a comforting one and not over powering at all.. I also love it because a little goes a long way. I usually and up putting about one cap full in a bucket of  warm water and I can clean my whole house with it ( depending on how dirty my house is I may need to change may water again). I also love it because it is 98% all natural. For those of you who are looking for all natural cleaners this is one of the best ones out there.